Products & Services

To increase Sales and Reputation of the companies, to create specific Projects to stimulate Consumption with planning and the use of more effective tools to achieve the Target. These are the key ideas of our team, which focuses on a mix of traditional and innovative approaches to achieve measurable Results.

Transparency, Efficiency and Planning are principles guiding all the following operations. WineDreamers is more than a consulting agency, this is the right response to the Marketing & Communication’s corporate’s needs. Optimizing labor is key for conquering challenges in the current market irrespective of allocated budgets and planned investments. The strength of WineDreamers is adaptability and the ability to provide “tailored services” to the needs of the Clients.

The Client is our Partner, our privileged Partner.
WineDreamers provides services based on the size and needs of the Clients, including analysis of Marketing & Communication, restyling of the company according to the plans, the budget management of communication with optimization of the results achieved, organization of events and tastings, programs to increase the visibility of the companies on the Internet, relational marketing and integration with trade policies.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Market Researches
  • Events
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Video Brochure